on December 14, 2018

We’re counting down to the Christmas season, where the streets are filled with fairy lights. The winter is slowly setting in and you prefer piping hot chocolate, food and of course family bonding time over anything else. This is the season when the Christmas tree is set out with its tiny little decorations and the balconies are hung with stars making the cold nights look even more beautiful. Even the telly has many Christmas themed movies making it a perfect setting.

Long families sit together for their Christmas brunch after their prayers and remind each other to do a good deed.  The season calls for acts of kindness, an ample amount of family time and of course gifting too. It’s a season that helps us reflect about the current year just before the new year begins with much gusto.

The season of music

Christmas season is always busy making plum cakes and getting the feast ready. Want to set a timer, or meet a personal deadline, fret not as with the help from the voice assistant on our True wireless earphones everything you will find. Just ask and watch your command come to life.  So listen to your favorite music or ask your queries, they all come without the hassle of wires. It also makes the perfect gift for someone who is a music head.


Goodness in a box

Feeling the surge of energy and having the power to accomplish the day to day tasks easily is a superpower everyone wants. The will to stay young and have the zeal and enthusiasm throughout life is on everyone’s list. This season can get overloaded with calories because of all the yummy food that one cannot forgo. It is only thoughtful to gift a fitness band with features like a pedometer, calorie tracker, sleep monitor and more for someone who is struggling with their weight.


Bringing the Christmas cheer

Christmas is all about the cheer, songs, and music. It’s a season where people warm up with stories, conversations and lots of food. Having an instrumental background or even playing carols at home enhances the feeling of the season and helps the bonds grow even stronger. Having background music to life is a power everyone wants. A portable speaker makes a perfect gifting option because of its portability, multi-connectivity and scintillating sound.


Sink into that perfect holiday feeling

Holidays call for chalking up a time for Christmas movie binging whether it’s watching cartoon Christmas or films that warm you up from within. Our 5.1 range is a stunner that gives you the best sound experience in terms of audio so sit back relax and enjoy your Christmas movies with your extended family in glee.