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on March 27, 2018

From the morning rush, music keeps you occupied as you swiftly move past hawkers and the chaotic traffic jam. Even after work, even in a crowded bus you’ll notice commuters laughing away as they watch a YouTube video on their phone with their headphones and when you come back home you just want to relax either watching a movie or listening to a soothing playlist on peaceful night.


Music plays the most crucial role in your life, it powers you up for an engaging day and even manages to soothe you down in an instant.


When your music is top form why shouldn’t your speakers be so here’s our take on the best 4.1 speakers in India that are supreme in performance yet affordable.

What you should look for while buying a 4.1 speaker

* Room space (Decide the setting in accordance to your room and the speaker you are aiming to buy)

* Multi-function aspects like support for streaming music wirelessly, playback with pendrive or memory cards. Playback with 3.5mm stereo jack and lastly if it supports FM radio or not.

* Check if you can personalize the listening experience meaning individual controls for bass/treble and equalizer.

* You should also look at the design & ambiance of the room to find a speaker that matches your overall style.

In our showdown of the best 4.1 speakers for TV




 Its all about music and lights with the indie 4.1 speakers.


Come home to powerful sound,the Indie speaker has an musical LED which lights up in hues of pink and purple but apart from looks, it’s all about the impact of powerful sound that you get with this speaker. Listen to a soothing flute music or feel the ambiance of a concert with this 4.1 Home theatre which has maximum output power. Feel free to toggle with its multiple connectivity options from BT, AUX to USB and much more. Apart from its power packed features you can switch to FM radio in a jiffy with the remote control.






Glide through your music with our 4.1 multimedia speaker jelly fish.


If you’re artistically inclined towards free flowing designs that tell stories, the Jellyfish 4.1 surround sound speaker is a perfect companion for your midnight movie binge or your Netflix episodes.Embodied with a glossy finish, inspired by jellyfish design that has white and blue illumination comes a power so astounding that will change the way you listen to songs or watch movies. The easy access controls come embedded in the design with play/pause and more options. The different array of options you can connect with boasts about its multi-functionality you can connect it to your laptop via a 3.5mm aux in cable, stream music wirelessly or simply slide in your pen drive into it and listen to music just the way you like it with an artistic touch.





A perfect companion for your PC/TV while you game or watch your favorite episodes in full volume.


If you’re someone that loves the idea of simple and sophisticated then Opera 4.1 channel speakers is a perfect companion with a loud sound factor coupled with simplistic design.  Donned with multi-feature connectivity, be spoilt for choice as you shuffle through your playlist wirelessly or connect to your laptop with AUX for an enriching experience or just pop in your SD card and and enjoy away your personal playlist. If you’re too bored of the same playlist you could easy hop on to the inbuilt radio with a remote control that is included to give you an experience to look out for.




It has multiple options for connectivity like BT/AUX/SD//USB with which you can easily toggle.


If you love deep bass and loud sound, then Samba is the one for you as the satellite speakers are powered by 7.6cms full range drivers for high-performance output. With bigger satellite, this 4.1 sound system is known for its monster sound, ideal for TV/Computers. It comes with individual volume, bass and treble control, so if you like to customise your experience with listening to music, this speakers helps you do just that. Apart from it’s LED display, it has multicolored LED lights and rich aesthetics. It’s satellite speakers are just as big as the subwoofer in comparison lengthwise. The speaker is known for it’s real loud sound and features and comes with an inbuilt FM and remote control.





The 4.1 speaker is ideal for laptop/computer/TV usage as it brings sound to life with maximum quality output.


Electro is a modern speaker with a new take on design it’s speakers are designed in a different manner to give you the depth and it packs a punch that you’d expect from a large speaker. You can toggle between connectivity options from BT to Aux or SD. This speaker has individual volume, bass control helping you personalize your music and  comes with easy controls with media control and volume buttons. This speaker also comes with an in-built radio to make the listening experience enriching.