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on April 04, 2018

New phones bring you joy and also give you an extra edge over the old to help you become a superhuman. With extra added features that help you multitask throughout the day but slowly your phone battery lines recedes with your anxiety on a high. To avoid the receding phone battery, it is a must to carry a power bank so that you can be on the go whether it’s multitasking work or fun without having to worry about your phone’s battery. Here are the 4 best power banks for your mobile phone

ZEB – PG 20000D

If you’re a super busy person who is always on the run, then this external power bank is more suitable for your phone.

With this 20000 mAh power bank you can quickly charge your phone multiple times. In fact it allows two devices to be charged at the same time with 2 USB outputs so that you can be at the helm of of your priorities even without checking on your phones battery. Apart from that this the Zeb – PG20000D power bank has short circuit protection, overcharging protection, discharging protection, input/output short protection and comes with a digital display to show you the battery percentage and charging information.


ZEB – PG15000D


It looks sleek, comes with a digital LED display and has two USB outputs, by which you can connect and charge two devices at a time.


If you’re a ninja disguised as a human, you will definitely need  a 15000 mAh power bank for your mobile phone. After all you’re invested in is micromanaging all the tasks and perhaps even saving the world. The only recommendation we’ve got is the Zeb-PG15000D power bank to give you an extra added boost to your daily grind. Apart from that it has a really nice design theme with a matte finish and comes with an LED torch for easy access.


ZEB – PG10000D


This power bank has 10000mAh  and also comes with an LED torch for ease of access.


With this 10000mAh power bank one can do a lot more with their phone, there is no denying about it but knowing for a fact that your phone will not give up on you during crucial moments is a comforting feel only a best power bank in India can give. While you place this power bank piece in your bank rest assured of a full charge with one micro USB input and 2 outputs to help you charge up two devices at the same time.




If you’re looking for extra added features apart from a regular power bank then Esteem 6 in one power charger is for you.


Esteem comes with a an ergonomic design shaped like a torch it is a  2000mAh power bank which can be used daily. It also has an LED torch, BT Speaker/Radio/USB and comes with a cycle mount. So if you’re someone who loves a little adventure or is frequently looking for doing a lot more with your device then our recommend is Esteem, our all in one power bank.