on June 02, 2018

If you’ve grown up with video games, you can truly relate when you can forget reality even for a few hours. The virtual world has a calling, where you can build your strategy plot your way and conquer the world. Being a gamer is difficult, you want your gaming space to look different and feel rather spectacular with the best build style and features. Don’t worry, as we have you covered with the best in terms of build, aspects, style and functionality with our Gamer’s dream range designed for gamer’s.

If you’re a gamer, we completely understand your need of making an exquisite gaming set up which can make you feel like a true gamer with our gamer’s dream top notch in build, design, features and functionality.



Every gamer wants a rig that looks rather spectacular in style with RGB LED, 120mm fans which has good airflow requirement, a space for all the water cooling requirements and a space where you can hide all the cables and bring your dreams come to life with a chassis that has a premium build coupled with looks and style. Look no further because we have an interesting line up of chassis that do it all from our gamer’s dream range.



A heavy duty Mechanical keyboard can be a game changer in many a ways.


The entire look and feel of the keyboard surpasses the regular quality, you get gold plated USB, braided wires and the switches that give you the ultimate tactile feedback when you game/type with the clicky sound that makes you love the mechanical keys even more.The backlit keys and LED lights are definitely a charm for those who love playing in the dark and the option to control/ change the LED or increase/decrease the brightness is a plus. If you’re looking at a mechanical keyboard, look no further with our Max range which feature Max, Max Plus and Max Pro.


A higher DPI mouse can set your game right with high precision that’s why our gamer’s dream range has high end mouse with DPI switch to toggle between the desired DPI for a game. Opt for the best with our RGB LED range that comes with ample features to help you glide through the dark nights. You can take a look at our mouse range here.



Impeccable design and high quality sound is what you can expect from our gamer’s range.


If you’re going to wear headphones for an extended period of time while gaming you’ll definitely be on the lookout for comfortable headphones that have extra padded cushions which help you while you’re busy playing away. Audio is super important for gaming and to have a rich immersive sound experience you can opt for headphones that gives you the best 7.1 surround sound which many of our headphones come with.