on July 03, 2020

Wouldn’t you love it if the world was surrounded with music everywhere? What does it feel to carry your favorite song that has been stuck in your head all the while actually play as you take a walk at the beach or rushing to work? So who is it that is stopping you anyway? Lets help you carry that sound as you go through your day.

PORTABLE SPEAKERS might just be the answer to the question.

These speakers just as their name says are light and portable but these are not the only features that we are going to talk about, Let’s see why we need portable speakers in the first place.

* Portable speakers are easy to carry around as they are light and that is when the phrase “Carry your sound” comes to literal sense.

* They have got multi connectivity options like (BT/AUX/FM/SD CARD/USB SLOT)

* They give you a liability to dance anywhere and everywhere you like, they can light up any dull party in minutes.

* They look really classy

* They are really cost effective

Zebronics comes with a range of portable speakers which you would be ready to take home.




Available in really attractive colors like Black, Orange and White , this speaker is a real treat for the eye and ears



This fabric finished beauty is just what you need when it comes to portable speakers. With multi connectivity options like BT, AUX, USB PEN DRIVE, MICRO SD CARD SLOT & BUILT IN FM this fabric wonder plays your music loud and makes you want to groove at an instance and is really cost effective. With its stylish looks this Maestro portable speaker is ought to make the heads turn.



This speaker is your pocket friendly sound. 


Zebronics coming up with its range of fabric speakers also introduced passion. Its small and thus is easy to carry around. Its fabric finish is especially made for bathroom singers or for people who enjoy listening to music in the washroom. This mini wonder has multi connectivity options like BT, AUX, SD CARD SLOT and BUILT IN FM. Its attractive colors like Pale blue, Beige, Orange and Pale Green are definitely cherry on top.



Not your knight in shining armor but definitely your knight in shining fabric.


This speaker just like its name is a savior from boring hours at home or while cooking your favorite food home alone. Knight comes with connectivity options like BT, AUX, MICRO SD CARD SLOT and BUILT IN FM which is just what you need. It is definitely your sound knight.



This stylish speaker has a very vintage fusion look to it.


This come with a handle on top that helps you carry it around more easily. Axel comes with Media controls on top just like your old stereos and also has multi connectivity options like USB/ MICRO SD CARD/ IN BUILT FM and AUX. This sound box is definitely your house party buddy and is ought to awestruck your friends with its incredible sound.



If you’re a fan of small and cute little things, saga might be your wondrous cute thing to take home.

This little wonder is totally deceiving with its looks as to the sound it gives. It is again a pocket friendly speaker. Saga comes with functions like BT/USB/ MICRO SD CARD SLOT and BUILT IN FM RADIO. With its beautiful matte finish this is something to take just for some after work relaxation or your morning workouts.

So the next time you get a song stuck to your head or you are stuck in traffic and can’t get out Carry Your Sound around.