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on October 09, 2018

Long winding roads that take you to pins and bends, the drizzle of the rains and the cold winds, everywhere you see is a waterfall as you cuddle up to your warm sweater. A lot of us want to go for a vacay like these where the only thing visible is greenery and fluffy clouds on the horizon while you beckon that long vacay with your friends.

But before every vacay comes the most difficult part of packing. You want to make sure you’ve packed everything on the list especially when it comes to tech.

Here is a checklist you must have for that journey.

First things first

Your phone is powerful, it does everything for you and helps you stay in touch with the loved ones in your life. The situation when getting 10 missed calls from your mother is scary imagine what a battery dead situation can look like especially when you’re elsewhere on a trip of your lifetime.If your phone is everything to you, carrying a high capacity power bank is a must especially when there is no possibility of finding electric sockets in the wilderness.zebronics

Companions for life

Before you hop on to your extended vacay mode there are two important companions, they’re like your friends and must be carried along to make every trip memorable. The number of times your headphones/earphones have spared you from having a really bad day. Imagine trudging through the hills and listening to a different radio station when you’re in a different town.


Sharing is caring

When you’re traveling with a team, it all boils down to being there for each other whether it’s about sharing your food supplies or a few belongings. A portable speaker is a must-have on your checklist because team bondings are better with music dance and other activities. Sharing your favorite songs and your team members sharing theirs makes the bond even more engaging.

Finding your spot

When you’re taking that long trip with friends and you’re going to bunk in together at a cheap rented out place you know you’ll need to carry a power strip so all your gadgets can be charged at once and without any drama or fights for an electric socket.