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on July 20, 2018

When music hits you feel no pain” said Bob Marley and how rightly he said so

Because music brings memories alive and in doing so you can teleport to the past where time stood still. This world music day we’re bringing the best of gadgets for music lovers out there but before we dig into that let’s take a look at why we have a day for music.

The music week

Fete De La Musique meaning (festival of music) or (Make a music day), a day to the promotion of music was created by the French Ministry of culture and it first took place in Paris, to mark the beginning of the Summer Solstice (Longest day) and from then on this festival was picked on by many countries and then celebrated all around the world.


Celebrating Music day

So how does one go about celebrating music day you may ask! Well, free music events are held across the city on June 21st to promote budding artists and the public is invited to expose themselves, to new music and have new experiences.


Gadgets for a music lover


Music is a time capsule one song brings so many memories back


From your very first alphabet learning session rhyme that you picked up in nursery school. The rhymes that you still remember till date, they all have music helping you remember them in the exact order. From learning, engaging at school to listening to songs that help you get through the day music has truly played a role in life that you remember the gully cricket celebration during the summer or that song that takes you back to that very moment and place, almost like a time travel back into the past. 

Music taste merely depends on personal preference, some like listening to a relaxing track while others love hard rock music. Everyone has their own choice reflecting off their playlists.

Go wireless

If you’re a music head, you totally deserve a portable wireless music speaker, this gadget is an essential especially when you’re hanging out with friends or taking that solo journey into the misty hills. With this, you can blast out your favorite track and music can help you make friends with similar tastes those songs and moments will become etched in your memories.


Charge it up

Powerbank is an additional gadget, whenever you’re listening to music on your phone or your MP4 and continuous usage of the same may lead to low battery. At such times only a power bank will help you stay connected to your music playlist with a fast charge. You can pick a fast charge power bank or pick up a one that comes with LED torch making it very handy and accessible.


Music without drama

Wireless earphones comes next on the must have gadget, and we aren’t talking about any wireless earphone. We’re talking about neck bands that give you a much needed support especially if you’re someone that a wee bit forgetful. The earphones are ideal for active people where one can just use them and it remains on the neck without going a miss. Tangle free design, magnetic ear cups, and long lasting cables make a perfect fit.


Bring the funk

Every music head loves making a statement that showcases their inner mood or makes them stand out from the rest, so showcase your mood with a funky headphone. If you like to flaunt your inner vibe do it with a funky headphone which has rhythmic LED lights, padded cushion cups and great sound that will not let you down on any given day. So flaunt your headphone with style.


Wireless module

Ever wanted to turn your favorite wired headphone into a wireless piece or Do you want to convert any speaker wireless, now you can with a wireless module just attach it to a 3mm jack and your system or that favorite headphone becomes wireless.


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