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on June 09, 2017

It all started with Mario and then on to Road Rash and from then on your spark towards games have only increased with every new launch of a game.You’ve always waited for a new game to launch, so you could be the first person to get their hands on a new launch. If you love gaming, you’ll love our premium gaming range of products that raise the bar, even more.

Spaces your gaming abode

Just about everyone owns a normal PC, but  people with a passion for games are a wee bit different. Their computers are not just computers, they are superior gaming rigs to stimulate that gaming action with high-end graphic cards that obviously require the huge space as their creativity knows no bounds with their rigs getting premium in terms of  space, cooling fans, and LED lights for all that Eye candy. For those with a spark in gaming our, Apollo Chassis is going to baffle the gamer in you. It is very spacious to install all those leet components and space to work on them easily. It also comes with 3 fans and enough space to install 3 more. The fan comes with RGB LED light and a tempered glass that will brighten up your room.

Boomtastic Audio

When it comes to gaming, you’re obviously looking at a powerful audio experience that brings the tension up front. When music is the biggest factor that makes the game a thrilling experience your lookout should be for powerful headphones like the Iron head for stealth gaming, this headphone, in particular, has a virtual 7.1 surround sound which will enhance your gaming experience. If you’re not the headphones person, you could go with Tornado 2.1 speakers that are not just loud on sound & style but also give you a stimulating input.


Zebronics Max Plus


As a gamer, you’re obviously looking for more than any ordinary keyboard that will take a hard hit while you’re in your combat mode. You’re on the lookout for superior Mechanical Keys that give you tactile feedback which also includes an LED light yet can suffice a beating, you already know we’re suggesting Max Plus Mechanical Keyboard.The thing with Mechanical keyboards is that the actuation you get, is more than tactile, you get a good feedback from key and sound and obviously, the LED lights are an added plus.

Mice it, well

While your music and keyboard are upgraded. The next thing you should look at is to upgrade your mouse, a gaming mouse is a top notch in DPI (Dots per inch) with increased sensitivity and enough buttons to make that gaming experience a notch above the others, if you’re looking at buying a high-end mouse look here.

Game Controller Joystick

If you’re the person who detests using a mouse and keyboard, then we bring to you our Joystick with extra buttons and analog sticks give you more control over the game you’re playing. If you’re into simulation games like racing etc joystick would be a smoother option with more control over the game.