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on July 22, 2018

India gears up for Diwali like no other festival, even the offices and their mini cubicles are decked with lights along with pre diwali employee contests, and the best part is getting that leave to travel back into those narrow roads and visit your hometown to celebrate the festivities with your family and friends.

There is no feeling like homecoming that too with the familiarity of the flavors food and customs. The flavorful aromas from the kitchen or the odd jobs that you and your sibling had to do just before the festive season.

Pre diwali is also a season where the long awaited plans to buy gadgets comes to fruition with discount offers especially on consumer electronics. If you’re looking at buying or at gifting techy this diwali then this list is for you.

The calm of burning embers

Diwali is the festival of lights, sound and scrumptious food. If you love the lights or that warm glow of candles and the warm embers then you should definitely check out our wireless speaker Atom. If the name itself is an atom its a bomb with its 60 flame LED’s that gives an effect of a flickering candle. If you’re inviting guests over or having a round of lazy conversations after dinner this piece is the perfect mood changer with good quality sound output and the flame that will remind you of warm camp fires embers on a cold night. This makes a perfect gift for someone that loves music with some magic.

ZebronicsThe power of dual mode

The festivity brings a season of hosting friends and family for conversations entertaining a different crowd can get slightly difficult but not with our 2.0 speakers. You can now entertain two different groups with not one but two playlists with our 2.0 bookshelf speakers Jive which has two modes. The dual mode allows the speaker to become two individual speakers which can work separately  While the youngsters can jive with some upbeat music the elders can have a relaxed playlist on for their meet and greet. This speaker works as a perfect gift for families or couples as they can sway to their own tunes in style.

The power of sound

If you are pitching for a home movie night and games with your family with the sound and the experience of a movie theatre then opt for our 4.1 speaker range that gives you the home theatre experience with sound so good that you’ll keep everyone entertained and the family will have a connected yet laid back style Diwali celebrations. This product makes a good gifting idea especially for people who’re close to you, it will bring a smile up on their faces with a memory lingering for every diwali.

The power of personal playlist

A playlist is very personal, filled with memories. Everyone has a playlist personalized for them a same song memory that could make them laugh or feel nostalgic about the events in a different time or place. When a playlist is that private, so does the case when it comes to headphonesearphones. A headphone/earphone is a personal experience as you get to pick the best audio, design, earcup comforts and even check for foldability. Headphones or earphones make the perfect gift for those boring long commutes.

ZebronicsThis is the season of sweets

There is no running away from the piling boxes of sweets and savouries during the festive season. The main thing about every festival is the grandeur food fiesta that is followed to bridge bonds between far off relatives. Cherish the bonds over the festive season by gifting your family members a ZEB-FIT500 fitness band, showing them you care about their health and nudging them to live a healthier life.

ZebronicsWe hope this list helped you pick something unique for your loved one. Wishing you a very happy and healthy Diwali!