on September 09, 2017

What do you remember about your childhood?  Staying at home or playing with your friends and getting muddled as you ran and hid in a corner? If you were the latter, bruises were stories that you would bravely tell all your friends.

So what happened to the fun factor when you grew up? Everything has now become a chore; exercise time has become cardio and food has become calories.

It’s about time we make our workout a lot more engaging adding fun in fitness with the ZEB-FIT500


When was the last time you took up a sport and enjoyed it? A casual game of cricket, basketball or a game of tennis, squash or light hearted badminton perhaps. When was the last time you danced freestyle or could hear your heartbeat as you took that deep breath?

We’re all living in a monotonous life and sometimes all of us should take a break from what we do and indulge in the things that are a new, refreshing and bring that fun back into everyday life.So wear your gear in full force along with the ZEB-FIT500 go and conquer the ground. While you run play jump the Zeb-FIT500 will take care of everything.

What if we told you that this fitness band is so light you’ll hardly feel like you’re wearing anything on your wrist; made of high-quality TPE band and comes with a touch button.


It has a pedometer which calculates every step you’ve walked along with the distance tracker, helping to analyze the amount of physical exercise one requires, so you can slowly make progress and get your desired fitness goal.

Heart rate monitor


The heart rate monitor keeps a track of your heart beat where you can track your normal heart beat as you score that major goal on the ground, ZEB-FIT500 comes with high quality dynamic heart rate sensor which can take heart rate reading even while walking or running. It has two modes Automatic/ Manual, you can read heart rate anytime with manual mode, while it takes your heart rate every 5 mins in the automatic mode. This can be useful in case you’d like to monitor your readings when you exercise and then improvise on getting a better workout done.

Calorie tracker


It also has a calorie burn tracker where you can watch how many calories you’ve burned in an insane hour of running, while all that was just fun.That way you’ll able to regulate your diet accordingly to that of play time and voila reach your fitness goals.


Sleep monitor

It will even monitor your sleep cycle. If you’ve ever wondered how you slept, then this is the device that can tell you when you got deep sleep to when you were mostly awake. Analyzing this may also help you change to match your fun workout routine because fitness is not just about working out but also about getting quality hours of mind rest.

Get updated

Even while you’re at play you won’t have to miss out on a single update as the Zeb-Fit has you covered on that too with its notification alerts for messages etc. And in case you’ve misplaced your fitness band, there is a Find my Band option which will help you trace it easily.While the tech does the rest, all you’ve to do is be your best and have tonnes of fun on the field.