on May 23, 2018

“Have you reached home safe?”, “Stay Safe” are almost the concern liners told by everyone who is close to us. With the world being almost a strange place to us, Among so many known faces we tend to miss the intent of the other. Safety being one of the major concerns right now people always want to know if their loved ones are safe and sound. How do we always keep an eye? Surveillance solutions helps constantly to  keep a track of what is happening around and with just an app you can view the footage from miles away and anywhere across India. Let’s get into more of keeping an eye:

How does Surveillance systems help in the working sector?


Workplace is where people spend almost 9 to 10 hours of their day, Safety concerns are very much obvious when it comes to spending a major part of your day. The workplace having lengthy spaces, Its supposed to cover a wide range of activities happening with clarity. When holding workplaces of your own,Dome cameras could be used in cabin spaces, let’s look on how they help:

Dome Cameras are small and occupy really less wall space

With a pixel quality of 2mp this is suitable to cover the activities happening in a cabin

* It captures the footage as Color / B&W

* It has the quality of noise reduction of upto 3DNR

If the footage is to be reviewed the output of the same is AHD

Surveillance solutions playing a role in personal spaces:

Personal space is where people get back to relax or where they live per say. With the morning newspaper guy to the maid that cleans your house we are very unaware about the intentions these familiar faces may have.



Video door phones and wifi cameras are the surveillance solutions we need here:

* Video door phones help you to know who is outside your door before you open the door to a stranger

The operations of video door phones are so simple that even children at your home can look who is outside and know whom to open the door for.

With a 69° viewing angle, It covers the necessary space of view

Also Video door phones comes with a night vision technology which helps you keep an eye day or night.



IP cameras are actual surveillance buddies. IP cameras help you monitor the place from miles away using internet.

 IP cameras cover a minimum of 20 metres in range

 Having a connectivity to Wi-fi these cameras help to monitor the space from miles away

* IP Cameras come with a pixel quality of 2mp and 4mp

* The network connects to Android, iphone, ipad and android pad

* Easy and hassle free installation is again one good reason why IP Cameras just might be your surveillance solution.

Its always safe to have Video door phones and IP  cameras to keep an eye anywhere and anytime.

Keeping an eye in public spaces:

With concerns like hit and run cases and many such dreadful activities public space is basically where majority of the people are insecure at. The factor that these places are the most accessible to cause or run into any kind of trouble makes this the most sensitive space that is to be taken care of. Surveillance systems at public spaces is basically providing the public with constant security.


PTZ cameras are your surveillance solutions here:

* PTZ cameras have a speciality of covering wide spaces of upto 120 Meter IR Range

* With optical zoom of upto  20X  it helps to monitor in detail

* It’s easy to install and comes at an affordable price

* The cherry on top is the angle coverage 360° PAN, 90° TILT which is user programmable