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on July 19, 2018

Hey, travel freaks I’m Sam, I love traveling away to exotic locations, listening to good music and collecting cool gadgets. People are not my best area of expertise, however, I love talking to them in my writing. Here I’m gonna share with you my story of travel. Wanderlust is the new trend catching up amongst the young now. Traveling just doesn’t bring a pathway to incredible memories but also brings the “I’m so excited that I’m going to puke” feels with it. And with movies like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara coming on theaters the wander ghost is getting restless day by day. Mountains with greenery and watching the sunrise break its orange light into the dark sky those long walks on the beach and diving into cold streams of water just the thought of all this is enough to bring a smile on your face. Before wandering off to your magic location remember to pack well for it. Let’s look into what I pack in my backpack to make my trip more efficient.





While energy drinks charge your body up don’t forget to charge up your phone.


Traveling by road is my favorite getaway. It is always necessary to carry energy drinks handy in case you feel nauseous or ditzy.  I guess that is why they say “My phone’s running out of juice”. On the journey of listening to music while the road just passes by or clicking pictures of the eye-catching scenery, we tend to lose the charge on our phone. Power Bank is a necessity while traveling long. They are small and compatible and are an easy carry on. So don’t you forget to carry these in case you lose power.




 An idea of bonfire or just to enjoy some pleasant music is not so bad after all.


The best part of a getaway is that it comes with a liability of partying all night with great music and scrumptious food. Carrying a portable speaker will surely make you the party wizard among your group. And of course you are carrying your power bank which will keep that charged, so just get up on your feet and dance all your worries away.




It’s easy to carry and doesn’t occupy much space.


I have a good share of adrenaline junkies in my group who love wandering off in the night. I would hate to get up and look for them or find them hurt in anyway which is why I always suggest carrying a handy torch.




It’s quite obvious that it is just not possible to always play the songs on a speaker. 


I always love listening to my favorite music while I’m traveling, doing a little head bob and singing along is how I like my journey to be. Earphones and headphones come to your rescue then. Carrying a pair of earphones or headphones basically just isolates your favorite music among all the others and helps you add background music to everything that is going around (If you are like really dramatic of course). So don’t forget to pack your sound buddy with you.




Now we all have that one friend in our group who always forgets his charging cable.


Be the knight having a perfect backpack and carry with you a 3 in 1 cable with you that will keep all the phones in your group charged and will make you the superhero of the trip.