on July 09, 2018

Festivals, celebrations even milestones call for a gifting something extra special to your employees. Corporate gifting has become a trend to add a little more value not just to the employee but to the company as well. There are a plethora of gifting options available out there when it’s making your employees feel special, we have you covered




Ever wanted to give your employees something extra special gift them a portable wireless speaker, you can choose from an extensive range  from speakers that fit into a pocket to portable speakers that look good on a desk. Choose from vibrant colors, textures and size.


           Maestro – Portable Speaker                     Passion – Portable Speaker                        Saga – Portable Speaker


You can also opt for BT headphones which are extremely light portable and anyone who spends all those hours on commute will easily love and use this product on a regular basis. Here you also get the option at wirelesswired headphonesearphones/ earpieces.


             Buzz – Wired Headphone                    Air Duo – Wireless Earphone                  Neptune – Wireless Headphone


Almost every employee in the company has a mobile phone that they use for taking either work calls or juggling both work and home calls. Power bank is an essential gift one can gift to their employees and especially to add that extra value, your employees will feel empowered on getting quirky gifts like multi functional 6 in 1 powerbank or the powerbank that comes with a suction cup for an added grip.


      Esteem – 6 in 1 Power Bank               ZEB-PG4000s1 – Power Bank with Suction Cups


Dole out valuable gifts for your employees to bring cheer on to their faces and in their lives.