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on July 05, 2020

Hey, people, it’s Sam here again! I’ve been working all week but this weekend I’ve got my party mode on and the party animal inside me is raging to host my friends to a wonderful in-house party. Apart from hosting a party, I’m also going to share some of my house party trends with you guys so that you make way to one hell of a weekend because it’s time we threw the small talk out the window and spent a memorable day with the people we love. House parties are the best, it’s like a getaway from the monotonous weekdays and away from all the stress, they are cost-effective and they portray your party style at its best. Let’s look at a few in-house parties that can be hosted with much ease.



Karaoke parties are always one of a kind, just singing and swaying with tremendous music is definitely something that takes out the weekday stress. When I organize these parties I always make sure I have munchies and my karaoke speaker working just right.  After getting both of it ready, I jot down a guest list, throw a message on social media and I have my very own La La Land ready to go.



One thing you guys should know about me is that I’m a gaming freak and I have my share of friends in my group who share the same interest in gaming as me, which is why I love hosting them to an exclusive gaming night. While planning my gamer’s night I make sure I’ve games that everyone in the group would enjoy and also I have my exclusive “Just gamers things” like headphones with a stimulating 7.1 experience that would make anyone get into their gaming zone with rich audio along with my other gadgets like a mechanical keyboard and mouse, ready to rock the night away. Oh, also munchies are mandatory here too!!



If you’ve been working all week, it’s very obvious that one tends to miss that entertainment box, which is why during the weekend’s movie marathon nights are the best way to entertain yourself and your bunch of friends. Planning a movie marathon night is pretty simple. It involves stacking up tons of popcorn and cola at home and also keeping the volume of your multimedia speakers to set the mood just right. Just dial up your friends ask them for a movie of their choice and you have yourself a party.



A sit-down dinner is also an amazing idea to enjoy a night of scrumptious food and serene relaxation. I love cooking something new always which is why this is a great getaway for me. I look up some interesting dishes on the internet, set my dining table just right and set up a light soothing music on my portable speaker and just have a great conversation with my friends or family and of course not to forget there’s always some dancing of sort towards the end.

We all get busy in our day to day schedule and it’s very hard to find time for other things but it’s definitely time we got to know our loved ones and spent more of the “say cheese” time with them. This weekend pick up a note, jot down your guest list and you already have your party list in handy.