Zeb-U2 4PS - Zebronics
Zeb-U2 4PS - Zebronics
Zeb-U2 4PS - Zebronics
Zeb-U2 4PS - Zebronics
Zeb-U2 4PS - Zebronics

Zeb-U2 4PS

Rs. 910.00
ZEB-U2 4PS is a 2500watts max power strip that comes with 4 universal power sockets and 2 USB’s which is an important feature to help you charge at ease. The power strip has flame-retardant material, copper cable, is rust-resistant, has overload protection and power strip comes with 2-meter cable length.
Power Grip Sockets guarantee no more loose plugs.
Available in 4 ports with unique features of 2 USB ports.
100% Copper cable assure your devices are safe.
Individual switches for each port.
Available in colored (2m cable) and black & white (3m cable) combination
No. of outlets 4
No. of USB outlets 2 (total 2amps)
Cable length 2m
Nominal current 10A
Voltage AC220 - 250V
Frequency 50 - 60Hz
Rated power 2500W (max)
Product dimension 7.8*3.3*27.4 cm (W*D*H)
Net. weight 450 g
Multi plug support
High quality nickel plating.
Rust resistant.
Resistance to wear.
High electric conductivity.
High quality flame resistant plastic material.
Silver alloy electronic contact switch.
High resistance to oxidation, increases durability.
Country of Origin :  China