Retractable and extended power cable
  High elastic and electrical conductive
  Overload protection, protect household appliances and socket
  With independent control switch and power indication on each layer
  Resistance to wear.
  High quality flame resistant plastic material.
  High resistance to oxidation.


  Input voltage 110 - 250V
  Rated input current 10 A
  Output power 2500W
  Power sockets 6 nos
  USB ports 4 nos
  Power switch 2 nos
  DC voltage for USB 5V
  DC current for USB 2.1 A
  Frequency 50 - 60Hz
  Safe protect Overload protector
  Cable length 2 meters
  Material ABS + fireproof material
  Plug standard BS-546 (6 A)
  product dimension 210 x 140 x 140mm (HxWxD)
  Net. weight 0.763kg


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