Bus * PCI 32-bit
  Connectors 2 x DB9 male serial connectors
1x DB25 female parallel connector
  Compliant with PCI local bus specification, revision 2.3
  Supports 2 x UART serial ports
  Add one IEEE 1284 Parallel Port on system
  Easy Plug and Play
  Automatically selects IRQ & I/O address
  Built-in 16C450/550 compatible UART
  On chip 256 byte FIFOs in transmit and receive path of each serial port
  Serial data transfer rate up to 115200bps
  Parallel data transfer rate up to 1.5Mbytes/sec
  Windowsâ2000, XP/2003 32/64, vista 32/64 bit
  System Requirements
  Windows® 2000, XP/2003 32/64 bit, vista 32/64 bit / windows 7
  Available PCI slot
Manuals & Documentation

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