Supports USB and SD/MMC
  FM radio
  Touch screen controls
  Fully functional remote control
  LED display
  Total output power 50W +  (18Wx5), total 140W
  Frequency response 40Hz - 20KHz
  S/N ratio >66dB
  Separation >42dB
  Subwoofer size 5.25 inches
  Satellite drive size 3 inches
  Function  USB/SD/FM/Remote
  Subwoofer  Dimension 197 x 316 x 330 mm ( W*D*H)
  Satellite Dimension  
  Center 104 x 93 x 180 mm ( W*D*H)
  Front 104 x 93 x 180 mm ( W*D*H)
  Rear 104 x 93 x 180 mm ( W*D*H)
  Net. Weight 8.4 kg
  User manual
  RCA to Stereo Converter
  RCA to open
  Wall mount clamp (5 Nos),
Manuals & Documentation

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