Ultra-immersive motion sensing game experience
Focal length & pupil distance adjustable
Extra soft contact pad assure hours of gaming comfort
Powerful magnet trigger, compatible with google cardboard
More comfortable and durable, enough size for wearing glasses
Reserve perspective window for AR or camera shooting purpose
Experience the immersive VR game
Enjoy the 3D movies
360º panoramic views live, games, video and images
6 Inch biggest size design    
Compatible size   : 11.43cm (4.5) - 15.24cm (6)
Max. Height : 160 mm
Max. Width : 83 mm
  Case : 100% new ABS
  Lens : PMMA
  Head strap : Nylon
  Head guard : PU + memory foam
  Magnet ring : Neodymium rare earth
  Magnet disc : Ceramic
Pupil distance adjustment : Up to 20mm
Focal length adjustment : Up to 10mm
Product dimension : 190 x 160 x 105 mm (L x W x H)
Net. weight : 0.103kg
* 3D video playback will work with correct video content & application