BT control
  270° adjustable head
  Six adjustable lengths
  Self timer for mobile phone
  BT version 2.0
  BT pairing name ZEB-SS95
  Backward compatibility Android 3.0, iOS 4.0
  Battery type & capacity Lithium battery, 60mAh
  Charging voltage DC 5.0 V
  Charging time 1 hour
  Standby time ≥100 hours
  Autodyne frequency ≥500 times
  Material type Stainless steel
  Product dimension
  Folded 20cm
  Unfolded 90cm
  Net. weight 163g
  BT pairing instructions
  Open the BT settings in the device you want to connect.
  Turn on Selfie Stick
  Search for new devices
  Select the Selfie Stick (ZEB-SS95)
  Note : There is no password for pairing the selfie stick. Pairing is in progress if the blue LED light is flashing quickly.
After pairing, please use the shutter button once within 90 seconds, otherwise you will need to restart the selfie stick again for pairing.
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Mobile / Tablet Accessories


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