Can't live with them, can't live without them!

on July 28, 2020

raksha bandan 2020 gifts

Raksha Bandhan is the most special day to celebrate siblingship whether you have sisters, brothers and that bond that grows stronger through testing times like challenges, differences of opinion, jokes and so much more.

Siblings can only be understood in one sentence: You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. They hold secrets to your childhood, they know how to irk you and get away ever so calmly. There are so many stories you hold with your siblings and the colorful thread reminds you to remember that bond you grew ever since childhood and cherish every one of them.

Picking mango from the trees, playing pranks in the neighborhood or the summer vacation that was just right to meet all of your cousins and play endless games, relish mangoes and tell good stories.

Every celebration doesn’t need gifting but it's the thought that counts. Now that you and your sibling are in the ultimate lockdown here are a few ways to strengthen the ties.

Is your sibling a loud talker so if their friends are on a call you’ll love while you value quiet space you can try out Zeb-monk with active noise cancellation with 11 hours of playback time, dual pairing and more.

If your brother/sister is the one whose a hothead and quarreling comes easy to them then you should look at gifting them a face mist or an atomizer so they can keep out of your way and enjoy some face therapy for themselves.

If you sibling is always putting their phone on charge especially on that one plug point that is free in your room then you'll need to have a look at an extension socket or a power bank so that your sibling can stop hogging all the power whether they’re charging their phone or other devices.

If your sister is the one that's always talking about doing a fitness activity you could give her a fitness watch and help her begin her new journey towards fitness.

The ones who are restless and can’t sit in one place to work can be offered a wireless experience that would help them sit wherever they’d like to and get their work done for the day.

Want to give something quirky you can opt for Zeb-fun that will bring the magic of singing every song and enjoying music thoroughly to make better memories.

If your brother likes gaming you could opt for the Max Pro Mechanical Gaming keyboard that comes with RGB LED backlight along with pre-programmed 19 LED modes with 6 levels of brightness.

If they’re always on your laptop to use the video cam for meetings and conferences, buy them their web cam and you’ll save your laptop from being taken over all the time.

Let us know what are your plans for Raksha Bandhan and how are you going to spend your day in the comment section below.