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Warranty Policy

The policy has been made to ensure that all Zebronics Customers, Dealers, Distributors get the Best warranty support and have a crystal clear idea about warranty, there by feels privileged and proud of owning a ZEBRONICS product.

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The term warranty is applicable only if :

The product has genuine warranty sticker and serial no stickers; both should be intact and not tampered.
If product is not physically damaged/ tampered / burnt. (Like broken corners, visible cracks, connector pins damaged, rusted, wetted, burnt etc) the Warranty is applicable.
Physical damage has to be decided by the Zebcare (service center).
In case of Motherboards the CPU pins of the socket should not be damaged/broken/bent, corner or connector damage, spare missing or burnt and if it is sold under warranty terms.
If the product is within the warranty period (applicable warranty period varies based on product categories as specified below).
The product claimed for warranty is already been attempted for repair (other than any Zebcare (service center)), then the warranty is void, and product will be considered as no warranty.
Ensure that any Remarking / modifying of the original product brand label or date should not done in product. If any tempering found product will consider as Out of warranty.

Warranty period for different ZEBRONICS products are as given below table
Gaming Accessories 1 Year
Card Reader, USB hub 1 Year
TV Tuners 1 Year
Headphone & Mic 1 Year
Portable Media Players 1 Year
Power Supply (Except Economy series) 3 Years
Power Supply - Economy series 2 Years
Power Grid 1 Year
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) 2 Years ( 1st year on - site* 2nd year carry - in) (1 year warranty on battery)
Web Camera 1 Year
Keyboard & Mouse 1 Year

LED from 18.5" to 32" -  3 Years onsite

LED from 15.6" to 18.4" -  3 Years (1st year - onsite* ; 2nd and 3rd year - carry in)

Defect pixel limitation - 3(Bright pixels) +3 (Dark pixels) = 6 (Total pixels); (Monitor containing less pixel defect then 6 pixels, can't be considered into fault category)

What is Bright and Dark Pixel?

An imperfection may appear on the screen if either the pixel or sub-pixel is stuck always ON; a bright pixel on a dark background, or it is stuck always OFF; a dark pixel on a bright background.

Add on cards 1 Year
Speakers & Subwoofers 1 Year
ZEBRONICS Mother Board (for socket upto 775) 1 Year
ZEBRONICS Mother Board (for socket above 775) 2 Year
Laptop Adaptor 1 Year
CPU Cooling fan / Notebook cooling Pad 1 Year
Power strip 1 Year
Laptop Coolers 1 Year
ZEBRONICS Case Cooling Fan Testing warranty
SMF Batteries

SMF Battery warranty will be null and void under below circumstances

Deep discharge; less than 9V

Battery found in bulge form

Reverse charge / Over Charge

Battery terminal found soldered, etc

SMF Batteries (less than 10Ah capacity) 1 year (carry in)
SMF Batteries (more than 10Ah capacity) 2 years (carry in)
All accessory (Remote, Adaptor, Cable etc) Testing warranty
Products used for commercial purposes will carry 3 months warranty only.
Commercial purpose means product used somewhere in order to achieve commercial or financial gains.
Product used in an office environment through which administrative, clerical type of activities conducted, does not fall under this.

DOA (Dead on Arrival)

Product found defective or not working immediately on purchase, or within 15days of purchase will be treated as a DOA.
Invoice copy of the purchase bill will be necessary to claim a DOA case, if not available then the warranty sticker date will be treated as purchase date and the sticker should be 100% intact and not tampered .
If the product is found defective after checking by the Zebcare (service center) then a new product will be issued against the faulty product, but packing and accessories would not be replaced.
In case of physical damage of the product it will not be treated as DOA. Even if customer claims warranty after few minutes of purchase.

* DOA is not applicable for onsite products.
RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

Service center shall repair the defective Product and return it back, within 15 working days from the day defective product been received (Date mentioned on the receipt).
If the defective product is not repairable , Zebronics will provide an equivalent product or an upgrade product (with nominal actual difference). In case no availability of the product, credit note will be issued after receiving debit note fro partner.
Credit note would be issued at market rate or invoice rate which ever is lower.
In case of credit note customer has to deposit all the accessories of the product which were there at the time of buying the product or nominal charges as per actual would be deducted for the same.
In case of transportation damages i.e. material sent directly by customers/dealers to Zebcare (service center), Zebcare (service center) would not be responsible and would be treated as out of warranty because of physical damage.
Zebcare require to give a computerized receipt of receiving against customer’s defective product. Customer need to submit this computerized hard copy while claiming his product from service center.


Damaged products will be accepted for repairing only if it is possible (to be decided by Zebcare (service center) and repair will be done under chargeable basis.
If the product is repaired , customer or dealer will be charged for the spares, repairing, servicing cost and it would be informed to the customer before repair.
In case the product is not repaired will return the same defective product to the customer or dealer.
In CID case ,the repairing of the product is done from the Zebronics, H.O. Chennai service center only. It takes only 15 to 20 working days from the receipt of defective product at the H.O.
A warranty of max 15days would be given on the product after getting repaired under chargeable basis from Zebronics.

*on-site warranty applicable to selected cities only.
**Terms and conditions of warranty are subjected to change without notice .
***Some Monitors are coming with one year warranty also.
****While receiving product, if it is in very critical or non repairable condition; service center may try to repair it locally or can send to next level but if in case it can’t be repaired in natural condition (PCBA burnt/track damaged/rust etc.) then defective can be returned back to customer.
*****Out of warranty product, once repaired from service center will carry 1 month warranty only.