The Ultimate Gifting Guide for siblings, birthdays, house warming, celebrations, anniversaries

The Ultimate Gifting Guide for siblings, birthdays, house warming, celebrations, anniversaries

Everybody has a special moment or an occasion that they like to celebrate so whether it’s an occasion like Diwali or a birthday party, marriage, an anniversary, or more. There are many ways of gifting uniquely that stand out and make an everlasting impression. Here are a few out-of-the-box options you can gift.


A portable speaker resonates as a great gift for those who love the gift of sound. From fabric finish, boom box design to a handle on the top there is a variety of options out there for you to pick to make the gift quirky and stand out from the others. We recommend a portable speaker like ZEB-Action or ZEB-Music Bomb X makes a perfect gifting option for your loved ones.

Wireless headphones are more than just sound they’re also about comfort with ergonomic designs, adjustable headband, cushioned earcups, better battery backup should be your top lookout point while scouting the best audio gear for a music head. We recommend the ZEB-Duke or ZEB-Duke 101 wireless headphone that features an ergonomic design with comfortable ear cups to keep you comfortable for longer wearing.

Fitness Watches are the new gifting trend, they not only take care of all the fitness features but also look great on style, they also stand out as great gift options at a wedding or a wedding anniversary gift as it is unisex You can choose from square or circular shapes with multiple modes, calling function and ample features for the new normal. We recommend the  ZEB-FIT4220CH or ZEB-FIT5220CH fitness watches.


Wireless neckbands are great for portability and are flexible with a neckband design providing support and ease. There are a couple of options to look at like choosing a bigger battery life, ensuring a snug fit, and comfortable in-ear earphones when opting to gift someone. We recommend ZEB-Yoga 90 Plus or you take a look at our extensive range of wireless neckbands that will get your gifting right.

Going completely wireless is an act of freedom and wireless earbuds do more than that they’re lightweight, provide a great snug fit, come in interesting designs with on-the-go charging cases. They make the perfect birthday, sibling gift, or the perfect gift to your partner. We recommend ZEB-Sound Bomb 1 or you can also take a look at our wireless earbuds that truly stand out.

Smart home devices are yet another option that stands out while gifting, for instance, ZEB-Bot smart home speakers with IR blaster make the perfect gift for any occasion. The ZEB-Smart Bot portable speaker with IR Blaster comes with Alexa built-in and you can remotely control IR devices like TV, AC, and more.

If your gifting range is bigger you can also opt to give 2.1 systems, soundbars, 5.1 speakers, or more that make it perfect for occasions and celebrations. 

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