Delight your music-loving friends and family with these cool and attractive speakers from Zebronics

With the festivals approaching, it’s time to start planning for gifts! What better way to celebrate, than with these attractive accessories. Create a party anywhere, or just be a party of one! An exciting lineup from Zebronics, the computer accessories and consumer electronics brand, with premium quality and features to suit every budget. Check them out at any major electronics accessory store or e-retail outlet.


Bliss Portable Tower Speaker: Party anywhere with this convenient-to-carry device

The new Zebronics Bliss Portable Tower Speaker’s in-built rechargeable battery offering a play-time of up to four hours and a convenient carry handle enables you to literally carry your party with you. Crisp, clear sound with booming base through dual 4-inch and 3-inch drivers, aided by its fully wooden enclosure, the speaker system takes audio input from the usual sound sources such as laptops, mobile phones or media players via a standard accessory cable. In addition, it can directly play mp3 or WMA audio files off SD/MMC cards or USB flash drives. Capability to tune and play FM radio has also been added. Rainbow-coloured LED lights give character to the music as its plays, adding to the vibrant appeal and providing easy visual access to the controls – all housed in a trendy silver-grey enclosure that follows a single box design. Remote controller, USB charging cable and aux cable are included.

Carry it to a picnic or party, for just Rs. 1,549/-.

Bullet Bluetooth Speakers: The small wonder for that impromptu get-together or small party

Stylish and easy to carry in your pocket or bag, the Zebronics Bullet Bluetooth speaker is ideal for that sudden, intimate gathering of friends or family. With five funky colour options that can make your own style statement and an in-built rechargeable battery, it takes wireless (Bluetooth) input from any smartphone or media player and can also directly play audio from a micro-SD card plugged into its memory slot. FM tuner is another in-built feature.

An immediate centre-of-conversation, the attractive Zebronics Bullet Bluetooth Speaker is priced at Rs. 749/-.


ZEB-BH498: The uber stylish bluetooth headset, a perfect gift

With an appealing look, the smart Bluetooth headset includes a support loop to hold it conveniently in place over the ear, and a charging cable. Features include: a built-in microphone for hands-free operation, distortion-free and clear pairing with main device (e.g. smartphone), comfortable usage up to a distance of approximately 10 meters, an in-built answer switch and volume controls with noise reduction. The Zeb-BH498 is lightweight, powered by rechargeable lithium battery and of rugged construction to ensure increased reliability, stability and overall lifetime of the accessory. It is compatible with nearly all smartphones, tablets, and computers offering Bluetooth connectivity, without any adapters.

Gift it to your favorite people, for just Rs 399.

ZEB-EM500 Earphones/Mic: Cute yet comfortable

The Zeb-EM500 earphones have a new, tangle-free cable and a “low-profile angled plug” to for comfort. Featuring an integrated microphone and mute button, this is available in various attractive colour options. Its 1.2 meter long cablecincludes remote controls. The frequency response range of 20 HZ–20000 HZ covers the full aural spectrum, designed to provide good music quality and to make calls. The headphones connect to the parent device through standard 3.5 mm 3.5mm stereo jack.

The price of ZEB-EM500 is just Rs 590/-.

Zebronics is known for providing quality products at value prices. All Zebronics products carry a one-year warranty, backed by a network of over 100 warranty-support centres across the country. Check out the above as well as a variety of other fun and stylish accessories at consumer-IT stores and on-line vendors, or the Company’s e-commerce site:

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