on December 22, 2011

Top Notch Infotronix, the brand owners of India's Leading IT brand 'ZEBRONICS', have the largest range and variety in computer peripherals, launched a new range of products, Computer Cleaning Kits.

Computers and laptops are hard to clean devices with so many mix of surfaces and types materials. To make the matters even worst there are no good all-in-one products in the market. To help the users we have launch these three products. All 3 have different mix of products which users can choose according to their requirement.

The first product is a 3-in-1(ZEB-CK300) computer cleaning kit. It comes with a sterlite aqueous cleaning solution bottle(100ml) with easy to use sprayer on top, one soft brush for those tough to get spots and microfiber cloth. The second model is 4-in-1(ZEB-CK400) it comes with sterlite aqueous cleaning solution bottle(125ml) bigger microfiber and brush and additional blower to blow off the dust. The third model is a 6-in-1(ZEB-CK600) cleaning kit which comes with additional bottle of liquid for plastic surfaces apart from sterlite aqueous cleaning solution bottle, attachment for the blower and one more microfibre cloth. All 3 models comes with attractive packing.

Commenting on the launch of the products Mr Pradeep Doshi (Director Sales, Topnotch Infotronix) said "These products are launched under PC/laptop accessories in Zebronics. There are no good computer/laptop cleaning kits available in the market. We have launched not one but 3 models to given consumers more freedom in choosing the right product. The versality and VFM these kits offer will be hard to beat."