Top Notch Infotronix, the brand owners of India's Leading IT brand 'ZEBRONICS', have the largest range and variety in computer peripherals, launched new player under ZEBMATE range of Premium portable media players, "ZEBMATE 75 Unique"

Zebronics has launched ZEBMATE range of premium quality portable media players few months back which has been a enormous success due to its excellent quality, features and aesthetics. There are two players under ZEBMATE right now which are known as ZEBMATE 10 and 20, here 10 and 20 are the no of playback hours with one full charge.

The latest addition to this range is ZEBMATE 75 Unique. As the name says the most unique thing about this player is its 75 hours of battery life. Longer battery life gives you freedom from the power plug and you can enjoy the music than worrying about the battery life.

They ZEBMATE 75 come in two versions For him and For her. As the name says these are targeting towards men and women. The For her version come with white facia and orange back where as For him version is done in a white facia and blue shade on the back. The design and aesthetics of the player are very good. The audio playback quality is excellent, so are the accessories which are bundled with the player. It comes with good quality in-ear phones which just takes the listening experience to a whole new level. It also comes with various other accessories like charger, neck band, carrying pouch etc.

Both players come with 4 GB of internal memory. They have 1" color screen for ease of use. The interface of the player is user friendly so anyone front young to old can use it. The player with usual song formats also supports flac playback. It also has a recording option through in-built mic. The player interface is provided through USB 2.0 cable. It has various equalizer modes to enhance the music according to ones preferences. It also has FM transmitter inbuilt. The player has very sturdy build with quality feel to it.

Commenting on the launch Mr Pradeep Doshi (Director Sales, Topnotch Infotronix) said " The ZEBMATE range of players have been a good success from Zebronics. The ZEBMATE 75 is truly unique product made for India, as people travel a lot here like in cities like mumbai, longer battery life will give them more freedom. We are very sure that it will be a hit among music lovers, because of the extended battery life and sound quality it has !!! "

  • Multiple playback mode
  • Various Equalizers
  • Flac file support
  • In-built mic
  • FM radio with transmitter
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • High quality accessories

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