on October 14, 2017

In a country where festivals bring a whole new meaning to the grandeur of celebration that comes along with lights and sound, Diwali is no less. More than being a festival of lights this is a season of long-lost family bonding over lip-smacking food with traditional wear and gifting.
Since every festival is more than a celebration, here are a few recommendations which can help you make the right choice this season of gifting.

1) Freedom has a new name
ZEB-BE380T - BT Module with Earphones

What if you can gift your loved ones the freedom of making their already purchased headphones/earphones completely wireless with the   ZEB-BE380T. This Bluetooth module comes with a 3.5mm jack, volume control for calls and media control buttons and comes with  earphones that are an in-ear metallic type to give you the power of wireless music.

2) Portable RGB lights
Amazer Portable Speaker

Everybody loves getting a multi-functional product and when it’s Diwali it’s even more prominent to gift an Amazer. It’s a portable Bluetooth speaker with LED lamp. It’s definitely an up on style along with good sound and light. Play your favorite songs in your room or carry it to your terrace for a little house party. It’s a speaker that fits into any design scheme with its brilliant audio and smartphone-controlled LED light just to notch that festive feeling.

3) Back on track
Zeb –Fit 500

Even though you neglected to admit eating a place full of mixture and a whole lot of sweets, pre- Diwali, which you anyway did. It’s the right time to splurge a little on self-improvement and keep a track of yourself with calorie meter, pedometer and heart rate monitor with ZEBFIT500, only after you’ve reflected on the food siesta of course.

4) Unwind with music
Eternity Wireless headphones

Music is important in everyday life, especially when you’d like some time to listen to set the pace, unwind and relax, this festive season gift your loved ones the art of unwinding with music. Eternity headphones are wireless and they’re over the head with its simplistic design and a rather clean look that will make heads turn.

5) For that extra thump!
Hard rock 1  tower speaker

Every festival is special with its traditional songs and folk dance and when a community is involved the festivities double along with the music and dance for such festivals, our Tower speakers will bring that thump back to your festivities. Hard rock 1  tower speaker is designed to perfection with a built-in amplifier to give that extra thump to your festivities, it also has a wireless microphone included adding that extra jive to your singing and dancing ceremonies.

6) Built for your abode
Mambo 4.1 speakers.

If you’re renovating your home this Diwali, to add a bit of touche and style to your home bring home the Mambo 4.1 speakers. It will delight your guests and even close ones, especially when you’re hosting a house party. With an output of 105 RMS, it’s sound monster certified with an Individual volume adjustment for bass & treble to enhance your music experience. It makes it as an elegant present too, in case you’re looking at gifting speakers that are good in style and sound.

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