Latest 500 series of graphics cards launched

Top Notch Infotronix, the brand owners of India's Leading IT brand 'ZEBRONICS', have the largest range and variety in computer peripherals. Top Notch is going to aggressively market the MSI NVIDIA graphics card.

The latest range of NVIDIA graphics cards are available from MSI with Top Notch Infotronix. The latest launched budget range graphics card N520GT is a Directx 11 graphics card. It has 1GB of DDR3 for good performance while running games. It also comes with DVI, D-Sub as well as HDMI connectors for maximum compatibility with different types of displays. It a great card for entry-level user to have the opportunity of selection and enjoy the DirectX 11 effects. The MSI N520GT uses the NVIDIA GF119 core, equipped with 48 CUDA stream processors 8 texture unit and 4 ROP units.

Apart from MSI N520GT graphics card, all other 500 series cards are also available with Top Notch Infotronix. Like 550, 560, 570, 580 and 590.

“Its been more than 13 years since we started with NVIDIA to bring the latest and greatest graphics cards. The latest 500 series of graphics cards have very powerful and advanced GPU. MSI is one of the world most popular and renowned brands, we are very excited to bring the 500 series of cards, we believe it will increase awareness about benefits of discrete graphics among the onboard graphics users", said Mr. Pradeep Doshi (Director Sales, Topnotch Infotronix).

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