An Arc, A Whale, Flux and A Handy

Zebronics has introduced 4 new mouse - Arc, Whale, Flux and Handy. All of them are SUB optical mouse, you can connect it to your desktop or laptop. All the 4 mouse come in 4 different colors each with designer touches to pep up your PC or laptop. They have a resolution of 800DPI for smooth movement and 3 buttons each.

Arc has a rubber finish top surface and it comes in blue, black, red and green colors.

Whale has a glossy surface finish on top, and comes in blue, orange, maroon and violet. Handy, as the name goes, fits in your palms perfectly. It comes in white, gray, maroon and green. Flux comes in red, green blue and brown, has a super glossy surface with a designer touch.

Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director - Sales, Zebronics, said “People who use track pads on laptops tend to get pain when working for long hours. These 4 new mouse will help them to work longer without experiencing any pain in palm. Moreover, these 4 new mouse come in different shape and design that one can find the right shape for his palm. These 4 new mouse are backed by great on design, easy on pocket characteristics of Zebronics."

About Zebronics:

Zebronics is a computer peripheral & consumer electronics brand of Top Notch Infotronix (I) Pvt. Ltd., established in 1997, headquartered in Chennai, spread across India with 30 offices, 85+ service centers & over 10,000+ channel partners. Familiar for its excellence, quality & reliability throughout its large range of peripherals which incidentally covers the entire PC Component Spectrum.

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