Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd., famous IT Peripherals and Consumer electronics brand, has announced the launch of two new speaker systems – Square 2 and Square 4, adding to the extensive product range in its speaker segment. Square 2 is a 2.1 speaker, while Square 4 is a 4.1 speaker. The speakers are designed to produce clear and detailed treble and rich bass, and to pep up the volume of the music to manifold the experience of music lovers.

Square 2 delivers an overall 60 watts power output, while the Square 4 delivers an overall 78 watts of output. In case of Square 2, sound is delivered by dual drivers with 15 watts each and standalone subwoofer that puts out 30 watts output. Square 4-BT RUCF, on the other hand, has 4 drivers with 12 watts each, and a subwoofer that delivers 30 watts RMS. The speakers support FM at an operating frequency range between 87.0-108.0MHz, and can store up to 40 FM radio stations.

Both the speakers can be comfortably operated through a fully functional remote control. There is an LED display that will reveal the station that has been tuned into. The speakers come with a USB port, and the buttons come in handy to turn them on/off; control the volume, tuning channels, etc.

The bluetooth connectivity option that comes part of the speakers allows for a wide variety of devices to be connected to them, like a laptop, smartphone, tablet and so on. There is also connectivity through an Aux in port, and both the speakers offer SD/MMC card support.

These Zebronics 2.1 and 4.1 speakers, with their stunning looks, will be available in black colour, giving those much aspired aggressive look in the living rooms. They are available at all leading retail stores and leading ecommerce platforms.

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