Zebronics launches Alexa Smart speaker ‘ZEB-Smart Bot’

Turn your home into a smart home with Zeb-Smart Bot the alexa built-in speaker.
Control your non-smart devices like TV, AC, etc with an IR remote

Zebronics, India’s leading brand of IT & gaming peripherals, sound systems, mobile/lifestyle accessories, surveillance, and power solutions launched its first smart speaker dubbed’ ZEB-Smart Bot’ that can remotely control appliances and has built-in Alexa for voice-enabled assistance.

Listen to the headlines, play an audiobook, remotely control your devices, set schedules and appointments, there is so much more that one can do with. ZEB-Smart Bot smart speaker comes in a minimalist design with media/volume controls on the top that includes a microphone mute button.

Even though the speaker looks minimalist it can get so much done as it features a 360 degrees IR blaster which can be used to remotely control any device having an IR remote. It has a dual far-field mic and built-in Alexa with a companion app ZEB-Home available on Playstore and App store.

Once configured with the ZEB-Home and Amazon Alexa app through your phone the speaker will be connected to the wifi network and work as a standalone smart speaker. It’s a cakewalk to remotely control your devices via the app or voice assistance. Control your TV, AC, or any non-smart device with ZEB-Smart Bot Smart speaker that features a 360 degrees IR blaster that can be used remotely to control any device which has an IR remote.

The ZEB-Smart Bot smart speaker supports high quality dual far-field mics to listen to your commands at ease. With built-in Alexa, you can ask to play FM radio, news, horoscope, play trivia, fetch for a recipe and add a shopping list, weather, play music, set a timer, or do so much more. When you want to use the voice controls simply say the word “Alexa”.

Speaking on the launch of the product, Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director – Zebronics says,” It feels great to launch our voice-enabled smart speaker. The world is constantly gearing up for new technology and our mission is to bridge that technology gap with our products. With our ZEB-Smart Bot, one can do so much more.”

ZEB-Smart Bot speaker is priced at Rs.3,699 available on amazon.


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