Zebronics, a brand known for its diversified technological innovations to create enriching experiences, announced a new addition to its Power strip range with 4 USB Ports and 6 AC plugs. Designed vertically to save on your valuable table space, now you can plug in all your devices in a single spot and de-clutter the mess that used to be your work-space!

In the shades of White and Grey, the robust design of the extension board features four sockets & dedicated USB ports supporting your power-hungry needs. Paired along with a glow switch to let you know when the guard is on or off for daily operations.

Apart from the aesthetics, the ABS construction of the board ensures high impact and chemical resistance. The multiple socket electronic extension board has a built-in circuitry specially designed to act as a guard to protect sensitive equipment from the dangerous effects of the powerful surges and spikes encountered in the power supply every day.

In sync with its rugged look the board, it can deliver max power of 2500 W at a voltage of 230V. The device holds the potential of transferring a maximum of 10A current at a frequency of 50-60 hertz that gives it enough juice to power all your tech toys at once. With overload protector, it ensures that your devices are well-protected while running simultaneously.

Speaking on the launch of the Vertical Tower Power, Mr. Rajesh Doshi, ( Director – Zebronics India) says, “It’s an underlined fact, that the sockets are always lesser in the homes and offices as compared to the gadgets that need charge. Enter extension boards, for the growing power needs comes messy cables and adapters. Its rugged and designed for everyday use along with a handle bringing easier comfort and USB ports lets you charge the mobile devices without adapters”  

The power strip has a retractable and extended two meters’ power cable that lets you connect to devices across your living space. Moreover, the cord comes along to protect the guard from any wear and tear.

The multi socket design ensures that different types of plugs can be used with the power strip, the pins make very strong connection with socket and do not cause any loose connections, thereby protecting the life of the appliance connected to it.

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