Zebronics India Pvt Ltd, the leading IT Peripherals brand and fast growing consumer electronics and accessories brand is diversifying its product range in the mobile accessories segment with the launch of new products. Their wide range of mobile accessories including Power banks, Selfie sticks, speakers, keyboard, headphones, VR headsets, Fitness bands are among those that are well-received by the consumers

The famous brand, riding high on the success of these wide-ranging accessory products has come out with two new mobile accessory products ZEB-CH60UM and ZEB-CH702UM - car mounts for smartphones.

The working mechanism of these car mounts is simple! The base of the stands mounts directly on the 12v port of the car, it uses the same same port as mount and power both, and the mobile has to be placed on the mobile holder in the case of ZEB-CH702UM, while ZEB-CH60UM has powerful magnets that can hold the mobile intact.

"In an attempt to make driving convenient, and owing to demand for these accessories, we have launched these two products, car phone mount. Both of these are high quality products which are built to last.” said Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director, Zebronics.

ZEB-CH60UM is built with high quality materials and has a flexible neck and adjustable rotation of 360 degrees to give an optimized viewing. The sticky magnetic-stand holder can keep the mobile firm in its position. ZEB-CH60UM works with phones of varying sizes and is compatible with most of the smartphones. The USB charging port in it will ensure the phone stays online at all times. The LED indicator lets us know if the power is in on or off mode.

The versatile ZEB-CH702UM is also fashioned similar to ZEB-CH60UM, however, the mobile is held in a case without the use of magnet. The holder is sized appropriately to maximize the functionality and looks great when placed in the car. The sturdy ZEB-CH702UM also sports 2 USB charging ports. ZEB-CH702UM as well as ZEB-CH60UM are built to prevent short-circuit and provide over-charge protection.

Both of these products are covered with 1 year warranty. The products are available online and in all leading retail stores across India.

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