Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd., the leading IT Peripherals and Accessories brand, has announced the launch of its Smartwatch - Smart Time 100 - to strengthen its position in the wearables devices market. Smart Time 100 comes with 64MB RAM and 32MB internal memory, you can expand the memory upto 32GB with a micro SD card. The built-in battery has standby time of up to 150 hours, while it offers a talk time of up to 3 hours on bluetooth. Smart Time 100 comes with 3.9cms capacitive touch screen display. It has a SIM slot where a micro SIM can be inserted to make use of the smartwatch as a standalone device.

"Zebronics has always been ahead in bring the best of novel technologies to the tech-savvy consumers of India. Smart Time 100, too, will have a huge impact with its rich features. It makes communication between devices and people simpler, easier and convenient. With the additional advantage of fitness data, it can easily appeal to fitness freaks,” said Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director, Zebronics, adding that the device will strengthen their position in the smart wearable business in India.

Smart Time100 comes in combo with ZEB-BH502, a bluetooth headset for easy handling of calls. The smartphone can be paired with the Smart Time100 with bluetooth for calls or your can use Smart Time 100 even without any smartphone too as it comes with sim card support. Smart TIme 100 also has an inbuilt speaker and mic to take and answer calls with just a touch. The in-built speaker is adequately loud to answer voice call, without the need of lifting the hand and juxtaposing to the ear. Adding to convenience is the bluetooth headset, which can be used to take or answer calls on the go. Apart from alerting about who’s calling, the watch notifies the SMS, Email and much more.

The premium looking watch that looks great on wrist is a blend of innovative technologies and design to make life better and beautiful. Staying fit is challenge for everyone in todays busy times, and keeping a tab on the fitness goals necessities technology as it measures the progress made. Smart Time100 has a sedentary reminder functionality, prompting you to move or simply take a walk if you had been sitting for so long in a place. The sleep tracking functionality in the wrist piece updates about the quality of sleep. Its in-built pedometer keeps the wearer informed about the distance walked and also the calorie count.

With the touch screen display, watching videos and listening to audio compositions using the inbuilt audio and video player will be a breeze. Some more interesting features like built-in mic, anti-lost, magic voice, call recording, browser, vibration, remote capture, SMS, FM will promise to take the experience of using Smart Time100 to an all new level. It also comes with built-in camera which can be use to take images or videos.

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