Gift culture is widely prevalent and fast catching up even in the remotest of areas. The Gen-Y and Gen-Z has not one, but several reasons to gather, celebrate and exchange presents. Festival season is quite a common time when we all flock to Gift shops or Online portals to purchase and present gifts. Beyond that, birthday functions, wedding, anniversary days, promotions at work are special days when we offer gifts. All round the year, such special days occur in one form or the other. A friend’s birthday or his promotion to a new role at office is celebrated with much fanfare. Presenting a beautiful gift will make the day for the recipient and the giver.

Receiving or giving gifts is like putting all your wishes, emotions, goodwill and sentiments into box, which has a beautiful item that personifies all the emotions you have towards the recipient.

Zebronics has a wide range of gift products, across categories, for everyone to choose from, depending on the occasion or the person to whom the gift has to be presented. Among festivals, the foremost are Diwali, Christmas and Ramadan, when people exchange greetings followed by gifts. You can personalize the gifts knowing the interests of the people, their lifestyles, and importantly, the occasion for which you are gifting.

A befitting gift during Festival season

Festivals like Diwali, Christmas and Eid al-Fitr are days when sheer excitement grips everyone much in advance. The days are marked by binge-eating. Special dishes are cooked; sweets and savories are gobbled with scant regard to the lifestyle diseases that are becoming so common. Interestingly, memorable days like these can be used to remind your loved ones to stay fit and healthy. The befitting gift you can give would be Zebronics Zeb-Fit500, a fitness band which motivates the recipient to stay motivated by giving details like heart-rate monitor, calories burned, distance walked and more.

Cool Tech gifts for newlyweds

Weddings in India are colourful and pompous. Marriages glitter with people decked up for the occasion. Equally colorful are the gift boxes that are brought. For special occasions like marriages, and more so if the couple is tech savvy, you can gift Zebronics gadgets like ZEB-PG8000 Powerbanks. The colour of the Powerbanks easily blends with the occasion. They come in Gold and Silver colours, sending a feel-good message when unboxed by the couples. However, if you know that the bride or the groom, who also happen to be your longtime friend, is a music lover, then the task of choosing the right gift becomes much easier and you can even personalize the gift you give. Eternity is a premium looking Headset that can make the best gift option. Else, you can go for Amazer Bluetooth speaker, which has been crafted to perfection, that can send positive vibes with its colour changing LED lights when placed in the living room. Both the gadgets can easily take the music listening experience of the newly-weds to an all new level.

Personalized Birthday/anniversary gifts

Birthdays are other occasions when gifts get their due place. We all know, going empty-handed for a birthday function is not a better idea. Choose from Eternity, Amazer or a Virtual Reality headset to make your visit a complete one. Youngsters have special liking to music devices. Opt for Eternity or Amazer to stay different from other invitees who may most likely carry mundane gifts. Eternity headsets are comfort giving, coming in different colour options. They promise to reproduce high-quality sound. Amazer, on its part, is an irresistible Bluetooth speaker which has got everything from looks to sound quality.

A novel gifting idea can be in the form of a Virtual Reality headset. VR has been making so much buzz, of late. Kids, Youngsters and tech-enthusiasts wish to get an first-hand experience of Virtual Reality. Make that wish a reality by gifting the kids or young tech-savvy people the VR Headset on their birthdays

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