Many new exciting models to be launched

Top Notch Infotronix, the brand owners of India's Leading IT brand 'ZEBRONICS', have the largest range and variety in computer peripherals, Zebronics has a wide range of multimedia speaker under its product range.

Zebronics has come a long way when in comes with multimedia computer speakers. In last one year we have launched many new speaker models, we have won many awards from media for speaker models like SW7000R, SW2600, Zebstation etc. The products are very well accepted by the channel as well as by the consumers. There are various range of speakers from 2.0 to 5.1, from budget to high end.

"We have very high plans for speakers this year, we are going to launch many new models with exciting features and design. The recently launched model have been appreciated a lot by the media as well as by the consumers. The model Hero and Hero+ has been a enormous hit for the company. We are really going to go all out on the multimedia speaker segment this year", said Mr. Pradeep Doshi (Director Sales, Topnotch Infotronix).

Zebronics has a wide range of multimedia speakers from 5.1 to 2.0. All models are very feature rich and priced very competitively. Features as support for Pen drives and memory cards, is being added to most of the models. Its a very versatile feature which enables users to use their pendrives or memory cards(MMC and SD) as source for the speakers. The smaller speaker as powered through USB which is great for people who like to travel and use the speakers connected to their laptops without any AC power. These speakers are extremely loud for their size and sound clarity is also excellent.

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