Zebronics, India’s leading supplier of IT peripherals, Audio/Video and Surveillance products has rolled out 3 new models in wifi NVR surveillance kits. These kits are very easy to setup and use, also will provide you with unparalleled surveillance solution.

The first model ZEB-8NH1-IP2MB-WIFI is a 8 channel wifi NVR kit. It comes with 8nos 2MP cameras. The cameras are equipped with IR, range of the same is 30meters. Wifi range without obstruction is 300m, which gives you a lot of flexibility in the installation of cameras. Video output of the NVR is provided with VGA or HDMI port. The NVR also comes with 3 LAN and one WAN port. It supports SATA hard disk upto 6TB. It also supports android and iOS mobile platforms.

The second model ZEB-4NH1- IP2MB-WIFI is a 4 channel wifi NVR kit. This model comes with 4 cameras of 2MP resolution. The IR range of the cameras is 20meter. The 3rd model ZEB-4NH1- IP4MB-WIFI is again a 4 channel wifi NVR kit. The cameras in this kit are 4MP in resolution. The IR distance for cameras is 60meters. The rest of NVR features are same in the all 3 models.

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