Zeb-Juke Bar 2500

Sale priceRs. 6,499.00

  • 2.0 channel soundbar
  • Multi-connectivity options: BT/AUX/ Optical IN/USB 
  • 5.8cms & 9.8cms powerful dual wide range drivers 
  • Volume/Media controls 
  • Remote control 
  • Wall mountable
Product Type: Soundbar

ZEB-Juke Bar 2500 is a compact single soundbar that gives hi-fidelity audio quality without the clutter of wires. The soundbar has 5.8x9.8cms powerful dual wide range drivers for better sound reproduction. It comes with multi-connectivity options like BT, Optical input, USB, AUX, including a remote control.


Sit back and enjoy movies and music with ZEB-Juke bar 2500 sound bar. It is a compact single soundbar which can give you good audio experience without the clutter of wires.


The ZEB-Juke Bar 2500 comes with dual 5.8x9.8cms drivers. These wide range driver ensures that the soundbar gives the best sound performance in compact form factor.


The soundbar comes with plethora of connectivity options. The optical input can be used for DTH or TV. It can also play audio from a USB drive with built-in USB port. You can also stream music from your mobile device with BT connectivity. Aux input can be used for various devices like a desktop or laptop computer.


The soundbar comes with fully function remote control which lets you control the various functions of the soundbar in full comfort.


ZEB-Juke Bar 2500 comes in a sleek form factor with minimalistic design. It also comes with wall mounting option. The compact form factor will keep your space clutter free.




2.0 Channel Soundbar

Wireless BT/AUX/Optical IN/USB
  Remote control
  Wall Mountable
  LED lndicator
  Volume/Media Control

External Power Adapter


Driver Size
(5.8 x 9.8 cm) x 2


Frequency response 50Hz-20KHz
  S/N Ratio
  File format support (USB)
  Line input
3.5 mm, Optical IN
  Max supported memory size (USB 32GB
  BT name
  BT version
  Product Dimension (W x D x H)
750 x 70.5 x 76.5 mm
  Package Dimension (W x D x H)
852 x 128 x 134 mm
1.56 kg

Country of Origin China

Package Contents

  Sound Bar
1 Unit
  Power Adapter
1 Unit
  Remote Control
1 Unit
  Input cable
1 Unit

Wall mount bracket with fasteners
1 Pair
  User Manual
1 Unit