FAQ -Buddy



1. How to connect a mobile through bluetooth?
    Turn on the speaker and keep the speaker in Bluetooth mode("blue" will be shown on display).
    Turn on the Bluetooth in your mobile and search for nearby Bluetooth devices.
    Look for Bluetooth name "ZEB-BUDDY" and tap to connect.
2. How to scan FM channels?
    Turn on the speaker and switch the speaker to FM mode.
    Insert one end of the charging/AUX cable to the speaker and leave the other end free. (This will act as the antenna)
    Press the play/pause key once to scan the channels.
    Once the scanning is done, the speaker will start playing from the first channel.

3. How to use pendrive/SD card?
  Once the Pendrive/SD card is inserted into speaker USB/SD card slot, it will detects the Pendrive/SD card and automatically change the mode
to USB/SD.
4. What is the operating range for Bluetooth?
8-10 meters*.
5. Does Buddy speaker supports call function?
6. What is the charging time for this speaker?
    2-3 hrs.
7: How will I know if my speaker is full charged or not?
   Once the battery is completely charged, the red LED will turn off.
8.  I am not able to play songs via Bluetooth. why?
     Make sure the mobile phone is in the bluetooth range. Also make sure your buddy speaker is in Bluetooth mode.
9.  Can we connect Headphones to this speaker?
A:  No.
10. Why am i not able to change EQ?

  EQ will work only in USB/SD modes.