FAQ - Companion 2

Companion 2


Q. Is there any ON/OFF switch present in keyboard and mouse?
A. As far keyboard as concern ON/OFF switch not present but you can wake up keyboard by pressing number lock when it is in sleep mode.
Mouse has an inbuilt ON/OFF switch, which is present in back side of the mouse.
Q. When dongle is connected my keyboard is working and mouse is not working?
A. The product might require a fresh synchronization, please follow the below steps.
MOUSE – When you insert a battery in mouse it will start with red color LED blinking and get off in 2-3 seconds, please press and hold scroll button and right click button for 2-3 sec when green LED starts blinking , please release the buttons and insert the dongle in USB port.
KEYBOARD – When you insert a battery on keyboard slot green LED in front will start blink for 1-3 sec and stops, later please press connect button while you inserting dongle with a long green color LED blink it will start pairing with the dongle.
Q. The covering distance of my mouse is very poor?
A. If battery is weak this might happen, please replace your battery with new one. You can use combo device within 9M.