FAQ - Flex



Q: How to connect a mobile phone ?
A: While the device is off, Press and hold the call button till the blue & red LED light starts blinking alternatively. Scan for "ZEB-FLEX" earphone on your mobile and connect it. (Password - 0000, if prompted)
Q: What are the different LED indicators?
A: Red LED glowing: Charging  
    Blue LED glowing: Full charge
    Red-Blue LED glows alternatively: BT Discover Mode.
    Blue LED blinks once in every 5 secs:- Earphone is connected to a device
Q: Can we control media playback with this headset?
A: Yes. You can Play / Pause, Toggle between Next / Prev. track.
Q: Is this product capable of dual pairing?
A: Yes
Q: How to pair two devices (Dual pairing) with ZEB-FLEX Earphones?  

A: Pair the first device with ZEB-FLEX earphones.

    Once the connection is complete, turn OFF the Bluetooth in the first device.

    Now turn ON the Bluetooth of the second device and pair it with the earphone.

    Once paired, simply turn ON the Bluetooth of the first device and it will automatically connect to the earphone.

    Thus two devices would be now connected to the earphones.

Q: How can we redial the last number dialed?
A: Double press the call button to redial the last number.
Q: How can we control the volume level?
A: Volume can be controlled by long pressing the "+" and "-" buttons on the earphone.
Q: What is the charging voltage of this product?
A: +5V DC.