FAQ - Helios



Q: How to remove the headset from the car charger?

A: Push the headset inward and the headset will pop out.

Q: How to connect a mobile through bluetooth?
A: Remove the headset from the base of the car charger (blue & red LED light starts blinking alternatively).
    Search for nearby BT devices in your mobile. Tap the name "ZEB-HELIOS" and connect it. (Password - 0000, if prompted)
Q: What are the different LED indicators?

A: Red LED glowing - Charging  
   Blue LED glowing - Full charge
   Red Blue LED glows alternatively - Discover Mode.
   Blue LED blink once within a interval of time - Helios is connected.

Q: How to attend the incoming  call ? (When the Headset is with the base)
A:  Remove the headset from its base, it will automatically connect.
Q: Can we control mp3 with this headset?
A: Yes. We can play/pause the track using the call button.
Q: What is the operating range of the headset?
A: 8-10 meters.
Q: Is this product capable of dual pairing?
A: Yes.
Q: How can we redial the last number dialed?

A: Double click the call button to redial.