Max Plus


Press "FN" + "INS, HM, PU, DEL, END,SL & PD"-  to change 10 different lighting modes.
Press "FN" + "Left/Right arrow key" - to move the led light from Left to right or Right to left.
Press "FN" + "Up/down arrow key" - to change the LED brightness adjustment
Press "FN" + "zero(0)" -  Custom 1
Press "FN" +  "9"  - Custom 2
Press "FN"  +  "(F1 to F11)" - to use Multimedia Keys.
Press "FN" + "Windows keys" - to lock the WINDOWS key function, press again to unlock.
Press "FN" +  "-"     - to Decrease the blinking speed of LED
Press "FN" +  "+"     - to increase the blinking speed of LED