FAQ - Zeb-Max Plus V2

Zeb-Max Plus V2


Q: How to switch between different LED modes?
A: Press "FN" + "INS, Home, PgUp, DEL, & PgDn"-  to change 20  different lighting modes (4 modes per Button).
Q How to increase/decrease the brightness of the LED?

A: Press "FN" + "Up/down arrow key" - to increase/decrease the LED brightness respectively.

Q: How to Lock the Windows Key?
A: Press "FN" + "Windows keys" - to lock the WINDOWS key function, press again to unlock.
Q: How to increase/decrease the blinking/animation speed of the LED?
A: Press "FN" +  "-"     - to decrease the blinking/animation speed of LED.
Press "FN" +  "+"     - to increase the blinking/animation speed of LED.
Q: How to program the 10 customizable modes?
A: Press “FN” + any key from “0 - 9”
Now press “FN” + “END”
You will see indicator lights blink  ( Number lock, caps lock & scroll lock )
Now press any key which you want to turn ON or turn OFF light.
After that press “FN” + “END” key to save and exit.
Now press “FN” + any key from “0-9” to enable that programmed mode.

Q:How to use multimedia keys?
A: Press "FN"  +  "(F1 to F12)" - to use Multimedia Keys.