FAQ - Neptune



Q: How to connect the headphone ?
A: While the headphone is off, Press and hold the ON/OFF key till the blue & red LED light starts blinking alternatively.
    Scan for "ZEB-NEPTUNE" on your mobile and connect. (Password - 0000, if prompted)
Q: What are the different modes of the headphone ?
A: Wireless & AUX mode.
Q: What are the different LED indicators ?
A: Red LED glowing - Charging.
    Red LED off - Full charge.
    Red Blue LED glows alternatively - Discover Mode.
    Blue LED glowing - Headphone is connected to a device
Q: How to increase/decrease the volume level of the headphone?
A: Press and hold +/- to incresae/decrease the volume respectively.
    Note: Volume can be controlled in wireless mode only.
Q: Can you answer phone calls with this headphone ?
A:  Yes, while the headphone is connected to the mobile phone via wireless.
Q: How to reject an incoming call?

A: During an incoming call, Press and hold the ON/OFF key for 3 secs.
     Note: This function works only in wireless mode.

Q: Can i make a call from the headphone when connected to a mobile phone ?
A: You can redial the last number dialed by double pressing the ON/OFF key on your headphone.
Q: How to use AUX mode in ZEB-NEPTUNE?
A: Connect one end of a 3.5mm jack to the headphone. (Your ZEB-NEPTUNE will switch to AUX mode once you connect a 3.5mm jack to it)
    Now, connect the other end of the 3.5mm jack to a audio source.
Q: Are the LED lights rhythmic?
A: Yes.