FAQ - Pencil Pro

Q: How do I turn on the ZEB-PENCIL PRO?
A: You can turn on the ZEB-PENCIL PRO by single-clicking the top of the pencil. The indicator LED will turn blue when it’s on.
Q  How do I turn off the ZEB-PENCIL PRO?
A: To turn off the ZEB-PENCIL PRO, double-click the top of the pencil.
Q: How can I charge the ZEB-PENCIL PRO?
A: The ZEB-PENCIL PRO can be charged using a laptop, any 5V DC adapter, or a power bank. The charging process typically takes about 30-45 minutes. A white light indicates that the pencil is charging.
Q How do I replace the tip of the ZEB-PENCIL PRO?
A: If you need to replace the tip of the ZEB-PENCIL PRO, gently unscrew the existing nib and screw in the new one.
Q: Is the ZEB-PENCIL PRO compatible with specific devices?
A: The ZEB-PENCIL PRO is designed to be compatible with iPads only.