FAQ - Phobos



Q: How to change the LED modes in ZEB - PHOBOS?
A: There are 11 different LED modes available in ZEB - PHOBOS. These LED modes can be changed by pressing the "BACKWARD"+"SCROLL" button together.
Q: How to change the DPI levels?
A: Dedicated "+" & "-" button is given on the top of the mouse to increase & decrease the DPI level respectively. The LED on the scroll key would change its color at each DPI level.
Q: What are the different functions of buttons in ZEB - PHOBOS?

A: Left Click
    Right Click
    Scroll Button
    Forward Navigation
    Backward Navigation
    DPI "+" & DPI "-"
    Double Click

    A button at the bottom of the mouse is used for controlling 3 LED modes (i.e. ALL LED OFF /Scroll and Logo LED ON / ALL LED ON)

Q: How to use "Macro editor" in ZEB-Phobos?
A: Open the ZEB-PHOBOS software, click "Macro Editor"  ->"New Macro" - > enter " Macro Name" click - ok 
     Press start Record. Perform the actions.
     The macro recorder accurately records your keyboard input.
     Press Stop Record. Once done
     Now close the "Marcos dialog" box.
     Assign the preferred key as macro.
     The built-in macro editor allows you to view your recording, edit actions, customize delays or keyboard input.