Q: How to connect ZEB - SOUND BOMB Q with mobile?
A: Take out both the earpieces from the charging case.
   Both the earphones will turn on automatically &  get paired with each other with a unique sound notification.
   Search for the BT name ZEB - SOUND BOMB Q in your mobile Bluetooth menu and click to pair it.
Q: What are the various touch functions?
A: Single tap - Play / Pause, call receive and hang-up.
   Double tap on the Right Earpiece : Next Track
   Double Tap on the Left Earpiece: Prev. Track
   Touch and hold the Right Earpiece: Increase the Volume
   Touch and hold the Left Earpiece: Decrease the Volume.
   Triple touch on either of the earpieces: Activate device voice assistant
Q: Does ZEB-SOUND BOMB Q support call function?
A: Yes,
   Single touch to answer / hang-up a call.
   Touch and hold to reject an incoming call.
Q: What are the various LED indications?
A: Red LED glowing on the earpiece - earpiece is charging
   Red LED goes OFF on the earpiece - earpiece fully charged
   Charging Case Indication - The LEDs blink while being charged.
   Once they are fully charged, all the 4 LEDs would glow constantly.
Q: How to charge ZEB - SOUND BOMB Q?
A:  To charge the earpieces, place them inside the charging case.
   ZEB - SOUND BOMB Q PRO supports type - C (wired) charging 5Volt DC power input.