FAQ - Wireless Headphone

Wireless Headphone


Q. How to change FM mode and how to scan/save channels?
1. Turn on the device using power and volume button.
2. Press reset button once.
3. Press scan button once.
4. Available range FM channel will be scanned and saved automatically.
5. After scanning, pressing the scan button will allow you to change FM channels.
Q. Where did battery socket located in headphone?
A. Headphone - On the left side of headphone is having the battery socket, please slice down the dark brown color cap to open and locate battery. Requires two AAA batteries.
Transmitter - On transmitter battery socket located in bottom of the unit. Requires AAA batteries.
Q. How to connect transmitter with Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile etc.?
A. Please use the bundled AUX cable (3.5mm on one side and two RCA female on another side) and connect RCA end with transmitter and connect 3.5mm (Stereo) end to the device you wish to connect.
Q. Where does MIC present in headphone or transmitter? Please help
A. MIC is present in transmitter.
Q. What is monitor feature and how to use? Please help.
A. This mode used for voice capture, you can keep transmitter in monitor mode on one desk and can hear voice through headphone up to distance of 10m (Without any interruption)
1. Turn on transmitter and headphone
2. Set transmitter on monitor mode
3. No more connection required (Cable free)
4. Receive transmitter signal on headphone by pressing scan button.