FAQ -Zeb-Yoga 2

Zeb Yoga 2


Q: How to power ON ZEB - YOGA 2 earphones?
A: Press & Hold the power button for few seconds to power ON or OFF ZEB - YOGA 2 earphones.
Q: How to connect with Bluetooth?
p>A: Once powered ON, Ensure the LED blinks RED & BLUE Alternatively. Open your phone's BT settings, scan for "ZEB-YOGA 2" earphone and connect it.
Q: Can we use call function with this earphone?
A: Yes, Follow the below instructions to use call function:
    Single press the “Play/Pause” button to answer or hang up on an incoming call
    Press and hold the “Play/Pause”  button to reject an incoming call
Q4 How can we control the volume level?
A: Volume can be controlled with a single of "+" and "-"on the earphone.
Q: Can we control media tracks with this earphone?
A: Yes, You need to press & hold the "+" and "-" to toggle between Next / Prev. track.
Q:What is the operating range of the ZEB - YOGA 2 in wireless mode?
A: 8-10 meters (without obstacles).
Q: What is the charging voltage for charging the earphones?
A: You can use DC 5V adapter to charge your earphone.
Q:  What are the different LED indicators?
A: . Red LED glowing: Charging  
      Red LED turns OFF: Full charge
      Red-Blue LED blinks alternatively: BT Discover Mode.
      Blue LED blinks once in every 5 secs - Earphone is connected to a device